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Touristic attractions map of Turkey

Turkey appears to be one of the worlds biggest touristic attractions for the last couple of years. For example, with the counts of 2014, Turkey seems to be the fifth country in the World that attracted largest number of tourists, which is about 35,5 million people from all over the World. As we check the top four countries, France, USA, Spain and Italy, Turkey seems to be in the champions league of Tourism. If we go little bit specific, we can count Istanbul with Paris, New York, Barcelona and Rome in terms of touristic potential and number of visitors.

Istanbul…The city of diversities…

As many people have heard so much about Istanbul, the city is in a unique place in between the two continents of Europe and Asia. Being a city that has the sea passing from inside, Istanbul has a lot of historical and natural miracles which we -as Turks- wish we could preserve better. Because of the trade going on in the huge city (with the population near 17 million people), the city is crazy with a lot of crowd, traffic and pollution. 

 I am telling this to criticise ourselves on betraying our own value but Istanbul is still a great touristic attraction city because of a million stories that it is keeping inside to tell to its visitors if they spend enough time. I have to emphasize here that you need to be so careful in terms of finance because there ara lots of crooks and fraudsters all around Istanbul (because of unbelievable numbers of migration coming from all over the world) and they can turn your pleasant vacation into a disappointment. But if you be careful enough and keep yourself awake against being cheated by a taxi driver or a seller, it’s just awesome feeling the history and culture of four big empires in the same city.
Sea and the sun!

But it’s not only the Istanbul city what takes people to Turkey, especially in recent years; but also the holiday and vacation tourism in the country have grown so much in the last decade. The south and west seaside locations are full of five star hotels which gives visitors all inclusive vacation opportunities.

These hotels on the seaside and some natural beauty beaches attract lots of people to enjoy Mediterranean and Agean sea with the sun. Personally I am in love with Agean Sea like any boy who is grown up in a town or city on the Agean coast. Here, I was wishing to mention something about Izmir (the third biggest city on the west coast), but it is totally the subject of maybe a lot of different posts. We will be talking too much about Izmir. And I am sure you will enjoy everything about Izmir.

 And the history
Anatolia is a land that carries centuries of history with ancient cities coming from BC to today. If you are a person who is so enthusiastic about history and culture, you may be sure you will find a million opportunity to be shocked in Turkey. Some of the samples of that wide history are:

The Ancient Cities of Ephesus, Hierapolis, Pergamon, Zeugma and Aspendos (there are also plenty of others)

The mosques and churches and palaces especially in Istanbul, İzmir, Bursa and Edirne (Haghia Sophia, Sultanahmet, Suleymaniye, Selimiye, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Sunken Palace and so on…), Troy (including the famous horse of course), The maiden’s tower…

I don’t want to continue giving wikipedia information and I am stopping counting the places to see now. In the blog, you will be able to see every single place with their stories and specialties explained here.

 What kind of lifestyle you will see?
The founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

And finally, we, Turks, the people… There’s usually a wrong perception of Turkey that people think of Turkey as a religious center in the middle east and Turkish people are so conservative in the terms of Islam. I have to state here Turkey is a “secular” Republic which is far far away from religious management type. Here I have to touch the effect of our founder and leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Turkey is the inheritor of 6 big empires in the region, the foundation of Turkey is after a big depression after World War I. 

 The psychologically and physically exhausted population on Anatolia is turned into a modern and well educated citizen group after the revolution and progression made by Ataturk and his friends. The region owes a lot to that people, meaning, at least Turkey is trying to keep away from trouble in the middle of a million crisis areas. As Mustafa Kemal said, Turkey’s aim was : “Peace at Home, peace in the World”. So, the modern life and culture provided by Ataturk and his friends come till today despite the efforts of the dirty political games of the day played in the Middle East.
The fact is you can do whatever you wish in terms of modern life and entertainment depending on the security level of the place. As unfortunately there are some (forgive me for my rudeness, but I couldn’t find more appropriate words to describe them) God damn sick minded people around in Turkey, if you go outside of the secured areas by yourself, you might face some unpleasant scenes. Especially the outskirts of the biggest cities or the very much desolated places are for sure places to keep away. (I have to tell this, because I heard some pesky stories from my foreign friends and declared how upset we are with the situation but it is reality and it happens. Yes, there are morons that think they can disturb people freely.) 

On the other hand, like every other safe parts of the world, if you wish to feel free and enjoy yourself in a joyful environment, the touristic areas especially in summertime lets everyone have some great vacation experiences. Especially if you are a seaside lover or if you are interested in culture and history, Turkey is just the right place to see and discover.

As for the last words; please always keep in contact to add your opinions, ask whatever you wish or correct anything you have noticed. Your comments will help us improve the information here, please do not hesitate to write us.

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