Have you heard of Sarimsakli beach?

Sarimsakli is a small town in western Turkey, located on the coast of the Aegean Sea at the foothill of the Devil’s Table (Şeytan Sofrası) and belongs to the Marmara Region. Previously, it has been just a small fishing town (as all others) in which travelers were stopped during their journey to some of the larger resorts, but now this place represents a famous tourist destination in the Ayvalık District of Balıkesir Province.

Sarimsakli also holds a very high place in the category of air spas, due to its very low air moisture, that sometimes amounts 0.5%. It has a good effect on a pulmonary disease, asthma, bronchitis, heart disease and other health problems.

This little cute coastal town has about 10,000 inhabitants and over 100 hotel apartments. Outside of the town, there are centuries-old pine forests, as well as numerous large plantations of olives, pistachios and grapes. There you will be able to see lots of local people selling olive, olive products (such as oil, soap and etc.) and pine honey.

And here’s where and how you will find Sarımsaklı;

The Name?

There are several different beliefs about the origin of the town’s name “Sarimsakli”:

−      It is believed that this name means “the land of garlic (‘sarımsak’ in Turkish)”, considering that the local farmers are engaged in the cultivation of these plants on large plantations.

−      Others believe that the city name has links with the beautiful yellowish color of sand on the beaches in Sarimsakli.

−      Third hypothesis is the legend: Once upon a time a poor shepherd fell in love with the beautiful blond girl, whose father was against their marriage and hid her in the village by the sea. Turkish “sarim” means “my blonde”, and “sakli” means hidden.

Beaches in Sarimsakli

The sand on the Sarimsakli beaches was proclaimed (by the World Health Organization) as one of the best in the world. It has the most beautiful sandy beach on the entire Turkish coastal. This is also one of the safest places in the world where you can spend the hot summer months. But you need to be aware of the crowd that is waiting for you on the beach:

The whole beach is 7 km long, about 100 m wide, and all covered with beautiful yellow sand. In Sarimsakli, there are 22 separate beaches, and all beaches are public. Promenades by the beach are full of small shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and they provide a real pleasure while you walk by the sea and watch the sunset. The sea is gorgeous in May and late September, and very warm, but refreshing in the summer months.

Daily tours and excursions

If you will stay in Sarimsakli this summer you need to see, visit and do:

  • Visit the town church which is a witness of a former Greek presence in this region. This old church still defies time and nature! Another old church in this region is so called Ayiu Athanasiu church, built in 1886. However, with the arrival of the Turks in this region, the church slowly gets converted into a mosque. Although the church has changed a lot over the years, a great historical part of the building has been preserved until today. Now, this church is used as a library and as a clinic.
  • Bride rock – This place has an interesting local legend about a lad and a girl who were in love. Their families were against this love, so they decided to flee, and found shelter in a rock by the sea. Allegedly, the rock has concluded and thus saved them from their armed trackers. From a geographical point of view, Bride rock is a very attractive tourist location in the vicinity of Sarimsakli.
  • Daily boat tour to Holed Stone – If you like boat sailing, you can visit the Holed Stone located in the Dalyan Strait. This large stone has the characteristic hole in the middle through which you can pass. However, you have to be very careful to avoid reversion of your boat! Within the bay, there is a large fish farm.
  • Visit the nearby town: “Ayvalik” (about 7 km away). Sarimsakli and Ayvalik are interconnected by intercity mini buses with departures every 30 minutes. So, don’t miss the opportunity to meet this attractive Turkish city!
  • The Greek island Lesbos is located opposite the town, as well as 23 other islands. Not far from Sarimsakli, there are also many well-known historical sites, such as Troy (170 km away)Pergamon (65 km)Izmir (155 km) and Ephesus (250 km). Daily tours are being organized to these touristic places, too.

Sarimsakli offers excellent entertainment and a real good taste of seafood with “Raki”

City nightlife offers a good time and unforgettable entertainment for tourists.  Restaurants and pubs have the very friendly and welcoming hosts, and they are created with the aim to make you feel relaxed while enjoying the delicious seafood and house specialties. With live music, a good time is inevitable because you have at your disposal all types of domestic and imported beverages. You can use your chance to try Raki with seafood and side dish; but you have to be knowing that drinking Raki requires a real good, long conversation with good friends while enjoying your drinks with appetizers.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of night parties, you should visit some of these famous discos: CNN cafe-bar, Sokak bar, Babylon disco, Casa Nostra or Check Point disco. These are also places where a good time is inevitable.

Top city hotels

Are you a person who wants complete comfort during vacation? In Sarimsakli, you can find numerous luxury hotels and apartments which will make your vacation exactly the way you imagined. Among the many hotel suites, we have singled out these ones:

  • Grand Temizel – The best and largest hotel in the city with over 260 rooms. The rooms are very comfortable – with air conditioners split system, mini-bar, safe, room-service, cable TV, Internet, telephone, and others. This very modern hotel is located on the beach, in a quiet area, 800 m away from the city center. The Grand Temizel Hotel has an a la carte restaurant in addition to the main restaurant, bar and pastry shop. The hotel contains an indoor and outdoor pool, spa center (with sauna and Turkish bath), and fitness center. Guests of the hotel can also have fun playing tennis, table tennis, billiards and numerous water sports.
  • Çınar – It is located by the seaside, in just 20 m distance from the beach. The hotel has about 80 luxurious rooms, restaurants, outdoor swimming pool with separate area for children, and so on. Guests have at their disposal 24 hour reception services and a variety of other hotel services.
  • Büyük Berk – Located right across its own beach (about 150 m long), in the heart of the city center. He’s got a fourth star in 2009, when the hotel was completely renovated and amended with many new features. In addition to various activities and rich content, this Shotel has a wonderful scene of the beach and the Aegean Sea.
  •        Olivera– It can be said that the hotel is one of the best located hotels in Sarimsakli – on the sandy shore, and with its own beach. Besides the restaurant, where you can try a variety of local and international cuisine specialties, there is a pool bar and café. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, disco, and it’s organized various sports activities on the beach.

And there are around 20 other hotels that you can select among at the Sarımsakli district.

As for the last words:

You can be quite sure that you will be enjoying your time at Sarimsakli and surrounding. It’s not a big crazy touristic destination as Marmaris, Bodrum, Çeşme, and etc. but it’s nice to enjoy the nature, beach and local tastes (especially seafood and olive products). The biggest advantage for Sarimsakli is: it’s really cheap! If your vacation budget is somehow limited, you can easily select this direction because there also are a big deal of local people using this region for their weekends and summertime vacations, so the prices are kept at a low level.

There are quite original stuff that you could buy as a souvenir at a nice small bazaar in Sarimsakli but what I would suggest you about this region is: you should hang on to olive oil and olive products (and maybe other natural products of other fruits) since the region is famous with the olive gardens.


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