Girne (or Kyrenia? Who cares about the name? It’s an amazing city…)

Girne is a very beautiful Mediterranean destination.

How can we reach to Girne/Kyrenia?

Well, it is easy. If you are coming from Turkey or from another country using a connected flight, you will have to use Lefkoşa Ercan International Airport before being transferred to Girne. But if you are not using the airports of Turkey to come to Cyprus, you will be able to use Larnaca and Paphos Airports. There are some details regarding the use of airports, passing from south to north and north to south. However, those details should be the subject of another article.

Girne Harbour is also another special point.
The ancient part of the City has a lot of attributes that are worth seeing.

And also, you can use ferries from the southern coastline of Turkey to reach Girne Port. Especially if you are coming with your vehicle.

You can divide Girne into three sections. Central Girne, to the East (Karakum, Ozanköy, Çatalköy area), and to the West (Alsancak, Karşıyaka, Lapta area). All three areas are absolutely amazing. Around the central area, you will be able to discover The Ancient Harbour, The Castle, The Old Town, and numerous beautiful Cafe and Bars. In addition, there are Casinos, a bunch of Hotels, Boat Tour selections. And, last but not least, there is the largest number of gift shops.

The best ever swimming experience

When you drive towards the eastern part of Girne, you will be able to see the Ancient Theatre, where nice concerts are held especially during the summer season. Following the coastline, you will discover amazing hotels, private beaches, and public beaches, probably providing the best ever swimming experience of your whole lifetime.

Girne has a lot of miracles.
You will never forget the moments you spend inside the waters of Girne

We can easily tell that these beaches and the sea are nearly much better than the coastline of Turkey.

The western coastline is perfect in terms of beaches and the seawater as well. But there’s one more thing about this western part. There’s a huge walking path in the Lapta region and a nice picnic area in the Alsancak part. Both of them create a difference.

On both sides, you will also be able to find amazing hotels with huge casinos, which are available only for tourists. Our suggestion would be keeping your distance with them at a healthy level. This suggestion is not about money, it is about time.

You can be sure that there’s much more to explore in and around Girne, rather than spending your whole time in Casinos. You can play games everywhere, but you cannot find the value of the energy in Cyprus shores. Just a tiny friendly reminder…


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