Dalyan and Iztuzu – It’s a Trap, Be Very Careful!

Dalyan and Iztuzu beach area is something special for nature lovers.

Are you satisfied with your current life? Have you ever questioned yourself and your story? Are you in the process of thinking of changing your realities? And, on the other hand, what have these questions to do on a website with touristic articles? Well, in fact, I’m just asking for warning purposes. If you’re happy with your current life, and for some reason, you are in Turkey, you certainly should not go to the area where the Dalyan and Iztuzu Beach are located.

Dalyan and Iztuzu area will always call you back…

You can be sure that this area is definitely a trap. It is a big trap that nature has set for human beings. This is a crazy game that has made people make the same mistake for thousands of years. A game played by nature

Yes, we can absolutely say that only if you are really and clearly sure of your desire to do this, you should see this area. Because, indeed, after your visit, your perspective on life will change drastically. Certain things that were extremely pleasant for you before, will not have color and taste anymore. You certainly will have a different understanding of peace and love. You will experience revolutionary developments in your perspective on the earth and living things.

A region full of mysteries

As I started to write all these, I was actually thinking about explaining the popular points in the region, important places, and whatever makes the region special. But as I read, researched, and studied the environment, I realized that it is almost impossible to collect them all and explain them in a single article. As I went into detail, I noticed that we were talking about an encyclopedic environment.

Indeed, as I said, your identity before seeing this region and your identity after seeing this region will not be the same. If you are going to go to Dalyan, you should carry out that trip, knowing these facts.

Where are Dalyan and Iztuzu

Dalyan and Iztuzu beach are within the triangle formed by three different tourism wonders such as Marmaris, Fethiye, and Köyceğiz. It is in the middle of the Lagoon system that connects Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean Sea.

Where is Dalyan and Iztuzu?

Although the town named Dalyan seems to be a small settlement built on the edge of the stream flowing through this Lagoon system, it is a complete tourist paradise. Everything is available for accommodation. Authentic or luxurious; whatever you want.

There are boats and rowboats available in the area… Provided that the best type of transportation is carried out with these assets, can you imagine what you are really facing…

Cute little bays

There are many cute and beautiful small bays to go for a pleasant swimming experience. Kargıcak, Asi, and Ekinci bays, the most prominent among them. You will surely go for swimming when you get to Dalyan. So, these bays should be seen…

The ecosystem of the region is completely different… It is almost a paradise for bird observers. Around 180 bird species live in this region, of course, including the endemic species among them. As I mentioned earlier, no matter what subject you touch, it’s deep enough to write a book about…

I guess mentioning about rafting, diving, paragliding, and surfing opportunities all around the area will not make things easier for us here, right?

The Blue Crab of Dalyan

There is the Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus), for example, as another unique side. Isn’t it interesting? You can even taste this crab in places in the Sülüklü Lake region. If you ask me, I would for sure prefer neither people to eat nor anyone to hunt this animal. But there is such a possibility, so anyone who wants, can go and taste.

Our sweetheart – Caretta Caretta

There are also our Caretta Carettas. The star element of this region. Our sweethearts. Thousands of cubs hatch every year and reach the sea, and very, very few return. In this region, certain people are making exemplary efforts for Caretta Carettas. So that our sweethearts can continue their generation and no one will disturb them as well.

For example, the world-famous Iztuzu Beach is closed to use at different timeframes determined for each season, particularly through the night time to let them lay their eggs freely. In addition, the authorities reserved a certain part of the beach completely for Caretta Carettas. It is very good for us to carefully share this magnificent and very special beach with fresh water on one side and the sea on the other, with our lovely Caretta Carettas.

And the Nile Softshell Turtles in Dalyan and Iztuzu area

Nile turtles (Trionyx triunguis) are another one of the most important and special aspects of this region. You can also come across this turtle species in the Sülüklü Lake (or Sülüngür Lake) region. As I said, there is a lot to tell…

Anyway, let’s continue…

Another interesting point is the Sultaniye Thermal Spring. The spa, which thousands of people visit for mud baths every year, creates a separate focus for health tourism with its water resources containing healing waters.

Here comes the Rock Tombs

The rock tombs of the kings, the Ancient City of Kaunos and the historical structure of the region… Many other points that will attract you to consider observing and understanding… A very different structure that will make you re-evaluate the life you have lived up to now, opening the doors of a completely different world…

Dalyan rock tombs of Kings.

Do you know what does “Dalyan” mean in Turkish?

I already said it, right? It’s a trap …

A trap that will cause you to reassess your life from start to finish …

If you do not believe me, you can look at what the word “Dalyan” means in Turkish, from the dictionary yourself.

Well, unfortunately, that’s all for now. I hope to see you in other articles talking about the details I already mentioned on this one…


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