March 31, 2020

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The Amazing Aegean Coastline Of Turkey

The Aegean coastline of Turkey is featured by numerous exceptional beaches, where people can enjoy various water sport activities, authentic environment and feel as if they are alone in the world.

Some of them combine perfect natural or weather conditions for a particular type of sports or health treatments, while the others are especially interesting given their historical background. Anyhow, these beaches are a big reason why the coastline of Turkey is one of the most popular summertime destinations for travelers from Europe and Asia.

Ilıca Beach – Izmir/Cesme

Ilica Beach, located on the Cesme peninsula, is most famous for its thermal springs. The beach can be found to the east of the town of Cesme, featuring soft golden sand, spectacular turquoise waters, and idyllic surroundings. The waters are shallow in general (for around 50 meters, maybe even more) and thanks to numerous thermal springs that can be found in the sea, as well as ashore, your skin will be significantly rejuvenated after bathing in the area. The beach itself is around 1,5 kilometers long, and an additional advantage of Ilica Beach is ideal winds for fans of windsurfing. Additional water sports are also available.

Diverse resorts in the vicinity of Ilica Beach are built on the thermal springs, and Topan and Hamidiye are most popular in the Cesme area. Various tourist facilities, such as restaurants, shops and more, are located in the vicinity of the beach. The public transport to and from the beach to nearby attractions and the town is well organized. Due to the thermal springs, the waters of Ilica Beach are the warmest on the Aegean, while the air temperatures from Jun to August are between 30 and 40 degrees, and in May and September around 25.

As for windsurfers, Alacati Beach is among a few very best beaches worldwide for this type of sports. What makes this beach a windsurfing paradise is an excellent combination of appropriate winds and peaceful waters. If you are a beginner, there is a school of windsurfing where you can make initial steps. Alacati Beach is located around 8 kilometers from Cesme and 45 kilometers from Izmir, and lies close to a motorway. Local minibuses are operating.

Pamucak Beach – Kusadasi

Pamucak Beach, which is some 3 kilometers distant from the ancient town Ephesus, is an undeveloped beach without significant tourist capacities, except certain resorts and an aqua park on its southern side. The beach is around 80 meters wide, which prevents it from being overcrowded even during the peak of the season. Pamucak Beach is a sandy beach, approximately 5 kilometers long. Since it is open to the sea, winds are quite frequent, and the surfing can be harsh at times. Additionally, the waves stir the sand, which makes the waters somewhat “clouded”. The beach is edged by hills.

Due to a shortage of opportunities to rent a parasol, and lack of high vegetation, the strong recommendation is to bring your own sunblock. Attached activities include horse and camel riding. Pamucak Beach is well connected to nearby settlements by means of regular minibuses that operate from Selcuk to Kusadasi. Departing times are between 20 and 30 minutes. The Ephesus archeological site is a reconstructed settlement from Greek and Roman periods.

Sevgi Plaji, meaning Love Beach, is a perfect refuge for couples and all those who wish to enjoy a walk (and bath) in quite a romantic setting that is characterized by an abundance of greenery, long sandy beach and views on the surrounding mountains, full of greenery, which belong to the National Park. High trees, lined with the beach, provide a shelter from the sun, and there are several tourist facilities present on the beach.

There is a marina at the beginning of Love Beach, with various boats, as well as a café where you can purchase snacks and drinks. If you happen to be in the mood for a nice meal, the barbeque is also attached.


The Bozcaada Island features a number of beautiful and secluded beaches, which are not crowded by tourists, in general. The best known are Ayazma, Habbele and Sulubahce, with Beylik cove and Aqvaryum bay as special recommendations.

Ayazma beach disposes of water sports and ground facilities, such as beach cafes, sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach features clear turquoise waters, golden sand and the attractive surroundings. The waters of Ayazma beach tend to be colder than of the rest, due to freshwater discharges from the sea floor.

Sulubahce beach is next to Ayazma; this sandy beach doesn’t dispose of parking, but can be reached by minibus. Besides crystal clear waters, the beach is an oasis of tranquility since there are no restaurants or cafes nearby. Make sure to bring sunblocks with you.

The swimming season on Bozcaada is from the end of May to October, and the sea is the warmest in September and October.


The Bodrum area abounds with various splendid beaches and coves, which brought it a title of the Turkey’s favorite beach holiday destination.

Ada Bogazi is also known as Aquarium thanks to exceptionally clear waters, which make possible to see the sea floor a few dozen meters below with the naked eye. The swimming is a real pleasure in these aqua marine waters, as well as snorkeling. The easiest way to reach the cove (located between Bitez and Gumbet) is by a boat, but hiking trails are also available.

Aspat Beach is especially popular for yacht owners since its position grants shelter from the north-west gusts. In times past, it was known as a pirate refuge. The beach is long and sandy, surrounded by green hills. Located between Bagla Bay and Karaincir, Aspat Beach is overlooked by a castle. Sailing school, water sports, restaurants and bars are among related facilities.

Kargi Bay is surrounded by elevated grounds and rarely crowded; the best way to reach it is by boat or road. The beach is sandy, and here you can enjoy camel rides, Turkish baths and water sports.

Best time to enjoy the vacation in Bodrum is from May to September.